• The Senior executives/ managers/ directors should occupy south- West (Best), West & South Zones.
  • The middle management cadre staff should be placed in North & East zones.
  • The field staff should be placed in North-West Zone.
  • The accounts staff / engineering staff / artist should be placed in south­east zone
  • Reception / Visitors / Temple / Drinking Water etc. to be arranged in North­east zone.
  • Facing of staff should be towards North or East direction.
  • No beam should run above staff head or seating position.
  • North East corner should be empty.


  • No beam should run above bed.
  • Master Bedroom in South West Conner and bed on South wall.
  • Bedroom for boys in East or South East corner and bed on South or East wall.
  • Bedrooms for girls in North West and bed on South or east wall.
  • The bedroom of junior members should be in North & East sides, but away from north-west corner, north east corner & south-east corners.
  • Family members should face East or North in Living & Dining Room.
  • No furniture to be kept within 8 feet or Door height of entrance.
  • Dining table in square or rectangle shape & not in hexagonal shape.
  • 6" offset to be left from the door to wall.
  • Refrigerator not possible in East or North side.
  • South-East zone for computer.
  • Study to face East or North wall.
  • Staircase should be facing South or West.
  • Bed should not be in extreme North East corner and head on South or East wall.
  • Not to give mirror exactly opposite the bed.
  • Wardrobe area to be raised and preferably on South West corner of the room.
  • North-east corner should always be empty.


  • Bore wells or ponds at North East of the Plot.
  • Entrance door should be on the North East Corner and preferably on the Eastern wall.
  • Highest point of the plot should be on the South West corner of the plot.
  • The plot should slope from South West towards the North East.
  • Plot projecting on South West - good.
  • Shape of the plot should preferably be rectangular between 2:3 & 1 :2 proportion.
  • The highest point of the structure should be on the South West.
  • The center of the structure is called Brahma Sthana and should be open to sky.
  • Two opposite doors should not be staggered and should be in the same line.
  • Number of doors, beams & columns to be in even figures.
  • Number of steps should be in odd figures. ie 11,17,23, 29 etc.
  • No openings or Windows on the south west corner
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