Residential Interiors

Residential interiors is more about understanding how scale and balance contribute to making a room look comfortable and inviting. it is about handling 'light', whether natural or artificial; the 'color' and the way it is chosen and mixed, matched or contrasted to its greatest effect: and the way mixtures of 'textures and patterns1 can be assembled and built up. All must be taken into consideration if the design of a home is to be given a firm basis and create a lasting impression.

There is a greater interest in use of 'decorative features, plants, lighting etc of personal choice besides the functionality. This deals more with the personalization of the occupant's identity. 'The aesthetical definitions are purely subjective'.

The distribution of spaces within a residence is one of the facets of its interior design that has seen the most evolution in the last few years. There is a general tendency towards the widening of spaces and a sub tendency to unite several rooms into one single space without divisions. This is due to rising prices of habitable spaces coupled with an increased need of flexibility.

It is in this planning of 'whole rather than individual spaces' to the highest acceptability of client's choice, that the designer best demonstrates his skills and insight.

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