Vastu Tips

Quick Reference Tips Of Residence Vastu

Tips Of Vastu General Tips Of Open Plot

Bed Position

Head - While Sleeping

South - Good Long Life
East - Good Enlightment
West - Bad Unhappiness, Sorrow
North - Not Permitted Death

W/C Facing

North or South Good
East Avoidable
West Not Permitted

Mirror & Photographs

North Wall Good
East Wall Good
South Wall Bad
West Wall Bad


North - East Corner  
Preferably on East or North Wall

Kitchen / Pantry

South - East Corner  
Cooking Preferably on East Wall

Master Bedroom, Heavy Items, Main Cabin

Direction : South - West Corner


Direction : South - West Corner

Study Office Table

Direction : North - West Corner

Main Entrance

Best From North - East


Highest At South - West
Slope Down Towards North - East
Balconies Should Be On East Wall

Main Door

North - East Corner on East Wall - Best

Switch Board

Not to Be in North - East
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